Making Democracy Work

Representative Government: Local Positions 2013-2015


1. Government
Support for:

  • the Council-Manager form
  • the election of aldermen from wards
  • the election of aldermen to allow for the diversity of the community to be represented
  • effective use of committees, boards and commissions
  • the development and implementation of a long range plan
  • the involvement of citizens
  • increased cooperation and communication between the City and institutions of higher learning
  • recreation programs that are diversified, well-publicized and responsive to community needs
  • a strong, well-funded library system

2. Budget
Support for:

  • sound fiscal policy, including long range planning for capital improvements and effective budget controls
  • the City's efforts to broaden its tax base


1. Citizen participation and communication
Support for:

  • effective citizen participation in all planning and policy development
  • effective communication by District 65 and District 202 with all Evanston residents and effective means for residents to communicate with the Districts.

2. Policies, plans and goals
Support for:

  • a district-wide plan for the use of community resources, including a well-organized, comprehensive volunteer program
  • racially integrated schools as a necessary condition for equal access to education
  • services for children with disabilities
  • efforts to reduce the achievement gap among children of different races